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Friday, November 18, 2011

How You Carry Your Stuff May Not Be So Good

I chose Laurie because of how colorful she was here to demonstrate the principle of Equal Loading.

Most of us carry too much on one side of our bodies. I love to carry my gym bag always on my right shoulder, even when I was having left hip pain. Remember that the right shoulder works in harmony with the left hip and vice versa. It is important when you have musculoskeletal problems to see if how you typically carry your handbags, grocery bags, etc. has a negative or positive impact, and then make changes accordingly. Here  Laurie demonstrates the principle of Equal Loading to even out the pressure exerted by the contents of these bags.

By looking at Laurie, you can see that her right shoulder is lower and more rounded. This makes it easier to carry objects on her left shoulder. Since her problems primarily concern the left side, it is important to share loads equally on both sides. 

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