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Sunday, November 6, 2011

More Testimonials for Triathlete Coach Marc Evans

MEC Testimonials from World Class Coaches
A central mission of MEC is cooperating with coaches of all levels. MEC works with coaches to help their athletes perform better through extensive biomechanic, movement and technique analysis.
MEC is an accessible and highly regarded resource for coaches, teams, clubs and athletes that will enhance their coaching to athletes by providing some of the best movement and technique coaching available.
MEC (Marc Evans) is available to travel to your area, provide extensive coaching services in the Lake Tahoe area and/or clinics/camps/workshops at your selected venue.
We are a partner with some of the best names in sport; coaches who know that using MEC helps their athletes reach successful outcomes.

Dave Scott
Boulder, Colorado
Triathlon: 6 time World Ironman Champion 
"I've known Marc Evans for nearly thirty years as a coach, teacher and advisor for endurance athletes.  Marc's unique skill set has extended the boundaries of physiology and biomechanics which has allowed him to assess, advise and manage athletes of all abilities.     He has an unparalleled approach in dissecting the nuances of an athlete's limitations whether the cause is directly related to overuse, fatigue, instability in joints or muscle imbalances.  Developing the knowledge base in working with hundreds of athletes, Marc has a vast repertoire that only comes with hands on experience.  His wizardry in working with athletes is truly a gift." 

Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
4-time World Masters Swimmer of the Year
Coach and President: Aquatic Edge, Inc.
"Coach Marc Evans is a true master of triathlon with the unique ability to blend the complex science of sport with simple, back-to-basics common sense. Even though Marc has spent most of his life as a hugely successful coach and author, he does not rest on his laurels. 
Marc tests and re-tests his theories and has the ability to adapt and change as new information becomes available making him one of the most sought after coaches in the world." 
Matt Dixon
San Francisco, CA
Elite coach and owner of Purplepatch Fitness. Coach of Matt Lieto and a stable of elite endurance athletes
"Marc has been a great resource for several of my professional athletes looking to take their technical and functional components of performance to an elevated level.  It is great to have a resource of Marc's technical expertise to help complete the assessment and prescription of technical evolution."

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