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Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday's Image of the Week: Wear Pattern of Shoe Insert

Have you ever seen anything this strange? When I started having forefoot pain I took out an old pair of insoles and saw this. My pain is actually centered right at the spot on my right foot where the wear spot is at the base of the 2nd metatarsal. It just doesn't seem possible to have that right foot pattern.
Sandi (name changed)

Dr Blake's comment:

Hey Sandi,

 You are very centered on both feet with equal medial and lateral wear. When you are centered, which is correct biomechanics for pushoff, your weight goes through the 2nd metatarsal. You definitely have a greater pushoff on the right than the left, so more force is being exerted at the toes. You see this is in right handed patients doing sports that emphasize lateral movements (like tennis or basketball). Try to make an accommodation with old inserts to float the 2nd metatarsal as seen in some of my videos. Ice twice daily for 10 minutes also. Rich

PS. The greater pressure on the right, even though considered normal pattern of weight distribution, could indicate that one leg is longer than the other, but that could be mindless wondering!!

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