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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tuesday's Question of the Week: How to deal with Metatarsal Pain

Hey Dr. Blake!  Hope 2014 has been good for you so far.

So I was doing really well with my recovery (after another foot injury),  but I may have tried to do too much too soon. I have a new issue with my RIGHT foot (first injury was on this foot) and something going on with my LEFT foot now too! I attached a pics (RIGHT foot is BLUE marker, LEFT foot is red marker). 

RIGHT: Big X is new pain (the dot is the old, original injury). New pain feels like a sharp electric shock on one particular nerve every time I put pressure on the area (i.e taking a step, pressing on it). It's a tiny bit swollen. I don't feel any pain when there's no pressure on it. It started one day when I took a step. Nothing happened at that moment, no quick move or anything that I would connect to an injury. It was very faint at first. Then as time went on, it felt "stronger."  In the weeks BEFORE I felt it, I was recovering from the first injury (blue dot). I was increasing my walking time/distance, experimenting with shoes other than sneakers (some high heels) around the house. The foot felt great, but weak. Then this new "zinging" little pain thing!! I tried to ignore it but I can't, hurts too much. After much experimentation and remodels, I have rigged a gel insert to support the area all around the Blue X. Problem is, my old injury (blue dot) is starting to hurt again, maybe from wearing this new rigged padding. I attached a pic of the rigged padding. 
Dr Blake's comment: yes, you must have the original area "dot" within the hole also.

On my LEFT foot: attached pic to show you where it's bothering me. It feels sore. And very rarely, a few "zings" too. I've been wearing a pad for this too. Pic attached. This came on very slowly, then one day just felt too sore to walk on it without padding. My left foot took a beating throughout the whole time my right foot was useless (from beginning August until October) 

The pain of all this new stuff in NOTHING compared to the first injury. However, I still can't walk properly so I can't ignore it. I had been doing the ankle and foot rehab at least 3x per week until last week when my right foot hurt more than normal. I would like to know what you think. I may be in your area of Cali soon and if I am, I hope to come see you. Until then, we have email and attachments :) 
Dr Blake's comment: When making an accommodation or float for the bottom of the foot, always go with the horseshoe concept like with right foot. The hole technique can make the swelling much worse as the swelling does into the hole and has no room to escape. 


Hey Sam, Definitely try to get the pad on the right to float the small blue dot also. Definitely sounds like you pinched a nerve, and try to ice 3 times daily for 10 minutes for the next 10 days. Try to use the same horseshoe pattern on the left, the donut holes can make the swelling worse since the swelling is trapped in the hole. Rich

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