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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday's Video of the Week: Piriformis Syndrome Stretches combined with Neural Flossing

Piriformis syndrome is quite common in the athletes our Sports Center treat. I have another few posts on this syndrome. Since the piriformis muscle/tendon is an external rotator of the hip, and since excessive foot pronation can cause excessive internal rotation of the hip, podiatrists are called on to design orthotic devices to correct that. If the hip internally rotates too much, the external hip rotators must overwork to stabilize the hip, and the piriformis may strain, swelling, tighten and irritate the sciatic nerve. Here is a wonderful video on combining piriformis stretching with neural flossing (see my other posts on neural flossing). Do these gently at first to see if they have any negative reaction. Or, review with your physical therapist on some modification that is tailored to you. But, sufferers of piriformis syndrome will be helped with some version of these wonderful exercises. Good luck! As you can tell from another post on neural flossing, I personally prefer spine neutral stretches with the patient laying on the back.

Also check out this incredible video about the San Francisco Fog!!

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