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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thursday's Orthotic Discussion of the Week: Why I love my oldie moldies!!!

This wonderful young lady has very severe pain around her big toe joint. My initial orthotic devices just did not give her enough support. So, back to the lab as they say. You can se how I marked to dramatically increase the support under the medial arch and first metatarsal. 

Here I also set the metatarsal arch longer and higher. The goal is to increase the pressure on the 2nd and 3rd metatarsals and off weight the first metatarsal/bunion area.

Another view of the opposite foot where the markings tell the lab to remove more arch plaster, thus making an orthotic device with a higher medial arch. 

An average view of my lab with several pairs of Inverted Orthotics being made. 

Orthotic devices are made from negative casts of plaster of paris. Then, these casts are poured to make positive casts. Then, the prescribing health care provider tell the lab how to make the positive cast to correct what is wrong with the patient. This is quite a skill. You can see each of these molds are individually made to uniquely represent a corrected foot. I love my molds that have unlimited possibilities!!!!!!!

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