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Monday, April 2, 2018

Exogen and Sesamoid Healing

Dr. Blake - I was a patient of yours back in 2016 when I broke my sesamoid bone in my left foot. You were AMAZING and helped me figure out that a) I didn't need to be wearing that large 1/2 leg boot and b) I could bike with my little boot. This was the inflection point in my healing process (and happiness).
The other part of my healing was the EXOGEN bone healing system that I purchased with the prescription you made for me.
My wife now has a fracture in one of her metatarsals. I suggested she use the EXOGEN machine that I still have, but unfortunately, the battery ran out. When we contacted the manufacturer, they said that we need to have an active prescription.

Do you think you could help us with this? She is happy to come see you and get a second diagnosis if that would help. Unfortunately, her doctor at Kaiser didn't think that the EXOGEN was important. I feel that it helped me a lot, so I wanted to see if I could help set Joanna up it as well.
I hope all is well on your end,

Dr. Blake's comment: 
     I am so happy you have done well. Yes, the Exogen will strengthen the bone well. Unfortunately, I would need to see her and have an active record. Sorry because this is an expense for Kaiser patients. Tell the doc at Kaiser what is the big deal for him to write an RX. Kaiser does not have to pay. Have they checked Vit D deficiency or Bone Density? Need to know the overall health of the bone to see if it will heal. Rich

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