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Monday, April 2, 2018

Toe Nail Fungus: 30 Minute Vinegar Soaking

Dr. Blake,
I just looked at my calendar and noticed I will be seeing you soon, this week!
I also realized that I hadn’t the sent the photographs of my soaking method that you requested.
I so sorry for the delay, though I did take the pictures soon after our conversation.
I am using my rubber like Adidas sandals to raise the back of my tub so I can soak my toes
comfortably as I relax. I found that I use a combination of about 3 to 4 oz of vinegar and warm water each.
I pull my legs in as if I wanted to put my feet beneath my chair that’s I need to do.
I do this every other day which is a schedule that enables me to remember.

Here is my original blog post:

And here is a link to other reasons to use Vinegar all the time!!

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