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Saturday, December 10, 2022

Healing from Sesamoid Injury: Email Advice

Hi Dr Blake ,

Your blog and email advice helped me tremendously in the last few years dealing with severe sesamoid problems (AVN and sesamoid displacement). It's been a long road, but having followed your protocol I am able to do most things today and avoid surgery.

I am getting back into tennis (after 3 years without playing!!) and so far have been playing in Hokas to protect my sesamoid. However, Hokas are not particularly recommended for tennis - I believe they don't provide good stability for lateral movements and are a bit high so increase the risk of rolling an ankle. Do you have a recommendation for a good tennis shoe that could still provide cushioning to the sesamoid?

Many thanks and happy holiday season,

Dr Blake's comment: 
     I am so happy that your sesamoid issue is resolving. But it is motivational for others who develop AVN and/or some sesamoid fracture displacement. My quick answer is wear good ankle braces for your tennis. I love the ASO brace. It is my go-to. My second answer would be a slow gradual introduction to well padded tennis shoes with your orthotic devices, and perhaps added dancer's pads on top of the orthotic while playing only (Dr Jill's gel dancer's padding), and spica taping and cluffy wedge to your foot. Limit your initial introductory time to 30 minutes, and ice after. Let me know after you have done 5 workouts. Good luck. Rich 

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