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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Achilles Tendinitis: Email Advice

Hi Dr. Blake,
I think the orthotics are working well.  If you wouldn't mind making me another pair (maybe with a longer pad this time), and mailing it to me.
Btw, I noticed that my left Achilles is a bit sore/tight so I started wearing my night splint at night, in addition to stretching.  Do you think that will be enough to prevent Achilles tendinitis?
Thanks for everything.

Beth, I will go ahead and design another pair. When you are dealing with any tendinitis, the acronym is BRISS--Biomechanics (what causes it and what can help it), Rest or Activity Modification (to avoid irritating daily), Icing, Stretching, and Strengthening. See the link below to give you the generalizations. You can also explore the blog for more specifics on each area. In summary, the treatment should be well rounded, and not just limited to stretching. Hope this helps, Rich. Please feel free to email with other thoughts. 

And here are 4 videos from my YouTube channel (drblakeshealingsole) which also may help.

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