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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sesamoiditis: Great Advice from a Physical Therapist

Dear DR. Blake, I read your online article and it helped tremendously.

 This is what I have done to heal my sesamoditis.
 Thank You for sharing your knowledge.
 Sesamoditis WILL go away. This is what you MUST DO: I am Physical Therapist
 and very athletic person. I had sesamoditis for myself and I want to
 share my knowledge to help you. The pain was completely gone within 3 weeks.

 1. REST REST REST. If you are runner, dancer... take some time off and allow 
healing process.

 2. ICE MASSAGE (not ice pack). Use an ice cube to
 massage your foot for 10-15 minutes daily (before sleep).
 3. BUY/WEAR flat and stiff bottom shoes.
 Best are tennis and cross training shoes.
 ( NB, Nike).

 4. BUY/WEAR metatarsal sleeve to unweighted big toe area.
 I recommend: FlexaMed-Metatarsal-Sleeve.
 Walking will not be the most comfortable
 but your foot will adjust to it.
 Most important : you will walk !

 5. TAPE YOUR BIG TOE to immobilize joint, daily.

 6. Take CALCIUM supplements to allow faster bone healing.

 7. BUY BIOFREEZE pain reliever and massage your foot
 with it before sleep.

8. STRETCH: Gatrocenemius muscle 3 x 30 sec daily.

 9. BALANCE exercises ( as soon as you can do it)
 EX: Stand on one leg for 30 sec x 3. Also you can add: Hamstring, 
Quads stretch and Peronals muscle strengthening with thera- bend.
 (resist foot pointing down). Daily Active ROM : toes up and down
 and circles 
(do not go beyond pain tolerance). Also, you can add inserts with
 arch support to your shoes. It does help. 

Within 3 weeks you will be able to go back to your activities pain free.
 Remember REST, REST, REST. I hope this helps.


  1. Replies
    1. The 3 typical types of tape used are Kinesiotape, Rocktape, and 3M Nexcare Waterproof tape. You can buy the Nexcare at 1 inch standard, and it is best to buy Rocktape and Kinesiotape 2 inches wide and cut in half. The Kinesiotape is the gold standard, but the 3M is more durable and stiff, although molds around the toe with less ease. Dr Rich Blake

  2. Excellent news! Thanks for sharing great advice from a physical therapist.The pain was completely gone within 3 weeks firstly if you are runner, dancer take some time rest secondly ice massage thirdly balance exercise and also details . You can see this article.


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