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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bunion Pain: Xray Evaluation of the Swollen Tissue which causes Pain

Xray Evaluation of a Typical Bunion with almost 3/8 th inch soft tissue swelling at the bunion prominence.

Stage 4 Bunion Deformity with Red Inflamed Tissue

Patients can come in with red hot inflamed bunions. They may be so sore that they want surgery soon (even yesterday!!). When I get Standing AP Foot X-rays I show them the amount of soft tissue swelling between the bone and joint. I try to get them to do 5 minutes ice massage twice daily and physical therapy to reduce the overall swelling. 50% reduction of swelling, especially the 50% that is inflamed tissue, is common to achieve sometimes even with just the ice massage over the period of 4 weeks. As the symptoms die down, the immediate urge to have surgery passes, and I think the patients who still need surgery will make better decisions. For a lot of patients, as the pain resolves, and the bump reduces, and they learn all of the other steps to avoid surgery (see previous posts), surgery can be put off indefinitely. 


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