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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sesamoid Injury: Finding Exercise While in a Removable Boot

HI Rich,
Happy Saturday. Is the stationary bike okay to do (with the boot on)? Not uncomfortable at all. It may be my savior- I'm getting really antsy! See you in 2 weeks (for an hour appt) w a consult Dr A (foot surgeon) right after. Also, will she look at my file, CT scan, and MRI before the appt so she's prepared to discuss? I know I'm a very demanding patient and I appreciate your help. Thanks again! 

Yes, although some patients can put on their normal shoe with orthotics. The goal is only that the joint is pain free and the boot, etc, does not alter your spinning motion from normal. You have to experiment with seat height, foot position on the pedal, and speed/resistance. See you soon. Rich

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