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Monday, April 2, 2012

Source of Online Shoe Lifts for Short Leg

My patient Emily has nerve pain in her foot. It took awhile, but we came to realize since she had a short leg, the tilt at the base of her spine could be causing some of her pain. Emily first had xrays to document a 19mm short leg. Then she had insoles placed gradually into the short side up to 10 mm or 3/8th inch. She could really begin to feel a difference in her nerve pain. So she found this online source to place lifts in, and had 10 mm placed into the midsole. Once she had this done, and after a period of adjusting, I began to again add lifts to her short side within the shoe. This whole process has taken us several months. There is no magic rule that we have to correct for the entire 19 mm. She feels the best, and in my gait evaluation, looks the best at 13 mm. She is also doing Lidoderm patches on her foot where the most nerve pain exists, and will be adding Neuro Eze three times per day.

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