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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Diabetes Encouraged to Wear Compression Hose

Diabetics Should Wear Compression Socks: FL Podiatrist
Diabetes so dramatically affects the body’s circulatory system that the feet become far more vulnerable than they otherwise would be. What’s more, explains Boca Raton podiatrist Dr. Bret Ribotsky, “Because of the decreased circulation to the feet, diabetics can’t rely on their pain sensors to alert them that something might be wrong.” Therefore, any wound, skin irritation or other foot abnormality has the potential to mushroom into a dire situation if not caught early.
Dr. Bret Ribotsky

Diabetics should strongly consider wearing “compression” socks to aid their circulation (Dr. Ribotsky calls such footwear “bras for your feet”). They help prevent swelling in the feet, as well as the formation of varicose veins. Without the compression, edema and stretching of the skin can happen, and sometimes the skin tears, which can leave an ulceration that’s vulnerable to infection.
Source: Palm Beach Post [4/19/12]

Don't think I have ever heard compression hose being referred as "bras for the feet"!! Leave it to a guy to coin that one, although quite accurate! Dr Blake

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