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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Shoe Evaluation Videos when purchasing for Stability

These are several tests to do when buying a shoe for the purpose of stability. Dr Rich Blake

Power Lacing can improve the stability of a tie on shoe up to 50%. When evaluating a shoe before purchasing, make sure you power lace it and walk or run around the store. Make sure the shoes feels stable.

In this next video, you must walk or run with the shoe you are evaluating. Get a feel of what is stable. Focus on whether the shoe is unstable to the outside called excessive supination. This is very damaging. I would much prefer a patient pronate too much than even supinate a little. Before purchasing a shoe place it up on a flat surface and look at the back of the shoe. If it is leaned outward or inward from the start, it may do dangerous things to your body if you try to move with them.

I hope this 3 videos on help you when purchasing a shoe for stability. Dr Rich Blake

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