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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Where are the Highest Heels worn in Europe?

This is a recent news release from Podiatry Management Online Magazine

Half of UK Women Willing to Suffer From Wearing Highest Heels in Europe
British women have tottered their way to the top by wearing the highest heels in Europe, with the average heel height at 3.3 inches. Some take it to even greater heights, with a quarter of British women surveyed (25%) wearing heels 4-6 inches high, and a skyscraping 3% braving heels that are more than 6 inches. In comparison, Spanish women wear an average 3.2 inch heel, Denmark 3 inches, Germany 2.7 inches and France 2.4 inches. 1 in 2 women (50%) are prepared to endure a level of pain they ranked as comparable with tooth ache and ear ache.
Lorraine Jones
Lorraine Jones, member of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists says "As a podiatrist, I recognize that with fashion as it is, wearing foot-friendly shoes is not always easy. However, wearing fashionable shoes occasionally is fine, and there are plenty of easy foot care treatments available at the local pharmacy that can help treat feet at home and avoid a trip to the podiatrist's clinic. The bonus is that with healthy feet, a woman can stand as tall as she wants in the highest of heels."
Source: Easier [7/20/12]

Dr Blake's comment: Women who wear high heels on a daily basis are encouraged to stretch their achilles tendons 3 times a day to prevent serious tightness from developing. A tight achilles tendon can make it hard to walk normally when not wearing heels and is blamed for a variety of medical problems like achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, arch pain, metatarsalgia, and many others. The following video will demonstrate how to stretch your achilles properly.

This next video which features my wife Patty discusses some of the generalizations of the pros and cons of high heels.

And finally here is a link to the post of the components of a stable high heel shoe. At least, if your heels can be stable, you will have less problems.

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