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Saturday, February 16, 2013

2nd Metatarsal Help: Email Advice

Hi Dr Blake

     I am a 52 year old male and have been a practicing martial artist for 40 years. Over the past two years I have had a number of problems with my feet after suffering from Gout (hopefully now under control with diet modification) and having had hallux rigidus in my left big toe for as long as I can remember. 

     Of late the biggest problem has been with the second metatarsal on both feet which has made me question whether I would be able to continue my martial arts practice (which combines bare foot and shoe covered activity). After months of despair I came across your YouTube film on Spica taping and have today, with both feet taped, walked without pain for the first time In ages.

I wanted to say thank you for posting the film as it has given me great hope. One question I was unsure of was how long I could keep the tape on for? In the film your assistant said it would last a couple of days and that's fine I just wondered if there is a need to have a 'tape free' period on a regular basis?
Dr Blake's comment: The taping should be used when needed only after you have had 2 weeks of pain relief. Golden Rule of Foot: Tape or Brace for 2 weeks longer than you think you need to if the tape/brace provided a pain free or pain reduced environment. If you have been out of pain for 2 weeks, begin to experiment when you need it and when not. It usually is quite evident with increase pain during or just after an activity. With taping for the 2nd toe/metatarsal area, you should be icing 3 times per day for 10 minutes. A reusuable ice pack on the bottom of your foot while you multi-task is great. Consider some form of metatarsal support like the Hapads commonly demonstrated on my blog. Good luck and I am glad you are getting some good relief. 

Once again my sincere thanks for your help.

Take care.

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