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Saturday, February 9, 2013

What is 80% better mean?

Hi Dr. Blake,

     I have great news!  I can cross country ski again with the insole you made!!!  My foot needs the hole in the insole and the injured toe taped in a slightly down position. When I go on multiple hour snowshoe and hiking adventures, my injured joint does get sore.  However, it doesn't last more than a few hours afterward.

     I have resumed all activities including the gym and I am walking in slippers and street shoes.  When I am on my feet for very long periods of time, the injured joint still gets sore but I no longer have the throbbing/stinging sensation in the toe/joint.

    I hope you are doing great!  I was thinking of seeing you in the spring and keep you updated if the foot regresses.

Best always,

Dr Blake's response: 

Steve (name changed), 

     Thanks so much for the update. You are in that 80% plus zone where you can do everything, but you still have some symptoms. The last 20% minus of the treatment can last a long time, but each day you get less and less fragile, and any flare, lasts shorter and shorter. Hope this makes sense.  See my link below on the Magical 80% Rule.

     Keep me updated. Rich

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