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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Short Leg Syndrome: Heel Lifts vs Full Length Lifts

Here are some of the comments on my You Tube channel on the Negative Impact of Heel Lifts Alone for treating a short leg. Make sure you are stable and feeling better functionally and symptomatically in whatever the type of lift you have. The goal of this post is to not have you blindly put a lift in if the provider tells you, but listen to how your body reacts to it. 

Comment #1

Never ever take advice off the Internet,such as this.
See an expert and get advice.
Heel lifts worked like s miracle for my short leg and the pain it caused,one leg was only a tiny fraction shorter,does that mean it isn't reason enough to be considered a rare case?
Always seek a good expert.

Comment #2

I have to agree with the other post about not being an expert in their field. Heel lifts WHEN used properly have reduced chronic pain. 1) That heel lift is way too much for that person. 2) If you bend your knee to offset the heel lift........IT'S THE WRONG SIZE This is some of the misinformation that is out careful and do your homework folks. 3) Plus she has Morton's toe from the looks of her feet...that's why she's unstable when trying to stand.

Comment #3

mine was 5mm and it almost killed me.

Comment #4

I've worn a lift in my left shoe for nearly 30 years. Personally, I prefer the full-foot lift as opposed to the heel-only lift. The heel-only lift causes additional pressure on my toes and the ball of my foot. I still use heel-only lifts when a full-foot lift isn't available for the specific shoe that I'm wearing.

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