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Monday, February 18, 2013

Women's Shoe Recommendations with Foot Pain: Sesamoiditis

Hi Dr. Blake, I have job interviews coming up where I will be wearing suits, and I'm trying to figure out what dress shoes I can wear even though I have sesamoiditis in both feet. I saw that you have recommendations for men's shoes, but do you have any recommendations for women's shoes? Thank you! Oh! And do you mind not using my name in your blog?

Thank you!

      Dear Anonymous: Here the list we post for our patients. There of course has to be individualization due to width and volume issues. With sesamoiditis, under the big toe joint, you have to be concerned with too much heel height, although the exact amount can vary from shoe to shoe that would cause irritation. The amount of cushion in the insole or outersole is another help, too thin in this area can limit your protection. The volume in the toe box and overall width can be deal breakers, along with the softness of the toe box upper. For some shoes, like danskos the rocker bottom sole is vital, other shoes will feel great if the shoe is flexible in some instances, and stiff/rigid in other instances. If the shoe has a removable insole, alot can be accomplished with cushion, dancer's pads, etc. When the shoe has good arch support that can transfer the weight off the ball of the foot and into the arch and 2/3 mets.

 So, my patients are always evaluating these factors: heel height, cushion, rocker bottom, flexibility/rigidity, upper softness, width, arch support, removable insole, and toe box area/volume. I will try to recommend some individual shoes for each manufacturer. They are:
 1. Aetrex---Berries line of shoes
 2. Aravon Tess
 3. Ariat Safety Clog ST
 4. Beautifeel Rima or Ingrid
 5. Birkenstock Maine
 6. Clark May Poppy
 7. Cole-Hahn Air Tali Wedge
 8. Dansko Kitty or Abby
 9. Ecco Sculptured Lace
 10. Finn Comfort Soft Hanoi
 11. Sanita Coronado Wave
 12. Mephisto Figura or Niza
 13. Merrell Evera Pure
 14. Munro Derby
 15. Naot Nau Mai or Jasper
 16. Rockport Juliet
 17. SAS Maria
 18. Josef Seibel Belinda
 19. Stonefly Infinity Lady and Paseo Nappa
 20. Wolky Argentina and Namibia
 21. Ziera Lottie


  1. nice post great to read something like this...

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  2. Thanks Dr. Blake. Nice web. Congratulations.

    I am a spanish girl, living in Madrid, who has sesamoiditis for two years. I dont write in english well at all, I'll try to explain myself my best.

    Well...for a few months I have improved my injury but sometimes, when I walked a lot and long distances, I feel lot of pain on the ball of my big toe specially. I usually wear Romika shoes: Romika Ibiza and Romika citylight or citytex o gina/milla (models)...I would like to know what do you think about this brand for sesamoiditis. Sometimes, I answer if the upper is enough protection and if the shoes (poliuretano inyected) are so soft...I would like to know your opinion.

    Some people say that running shoes are not good for this kind of injury, I always wear Nike Pegasus. What do you think about this?

    Thank very much.

  3. Patricia, I will research the shoes and place my answer on the blog soon. You need a shoe that is fairly stiff in general, but places your weight at push off in the center of your foot. This is something usually only the patient can sense. If the weight goes through the big toe joint at push off, it probably will be bad for you. Dr Rich Blake

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  5. I saw your article and I think you need soft shoes which you can feel comfortable. I can recommended you for one site where has many types of shoes and you can try this site women’s basketball shoes.

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  9. Is there a list of Men's shoes that are good for sesamoiditis patients? More specifically, Men's DRESS shoes that can be worn in an office environment/with a suit? That would be amazing.

  10. I did find this list here (below), but the problem I see is that these shoes all seem to have fairly narrow toes, and significant heel height. I thought those were two no-no's for sesamoiditis due to the pressure on the toes as well as the pressure on the forefoot caused by the heel.Any sesamoid-specific recommendations? I like the Dankso Wyatt... nice wide toe box, but the heel is kind of high. There is also the Samuel Hubbard Free Men's shoes which seem to have a less high heel, with a decent width in toe box, and claims to be good for foot issues but that could just be marketing.

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