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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Simple Explanation of Laterality Flashcards and Mirrow Box for Nerve Pain

Funny you should write, I had my first filled out laterality sheet to fax you today and left it at home, duh.  I will scan and email it later.  Doing so so, esp with the hip.  Dr. M had me get a full body bone scan this week and I get results Monday.  I asked them to please look at my foot/heel too, which they did.  I will let you know of results and/or send you copy of the report.  I am taking Dr. H's meds like a good girl and am starting to work with my mirror.  It's all a little confusing still...can you recommend some simple to understand reading about the laterality and mirror work?  Like what is it supposed to do exactly?  Thanks so much.
Kris (name changed)

Kris, If I find something, I will try to send it to you. It is simple to my simple brain. All about rewiring the nervous system. Something about how nerve pain leads to nerve avoidance of the area and at the same time nerve hypersensitivity. The body both tries to protect the area by making the nerves more sensitive, even to normal non-painful stimuli, and tries to avoid the moving the area by shutting down parts of your brain that use that area (this leads to muscle weakness and joint stiffness, and basic disuse stuff. The laterality cards and mirror try to wake up the brain to feel and move that area again.And it definitely does. See how simple it is!!???!!!!! Rich

Thank you I LIKE SIMPLE!  I sit in front of my mirror and move the foot....reinforcing that it doesn't hurt, even when massaging the heel and it is pretty simple.  The cards I am so much better at...but I miss the same ones each time.  Even tho I study brain still gets confused.  LOL.  Thank you and I will send my filled out sheet this weekend.  Be well!

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