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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Fitness Tidbit of the Day from Lisa Tonra

Fitness tidbit of the day:

Gals: are your thirties well behind you? (I'm right there with you!) Have you noticed that your knees seem to be moving a bit more towards each other, perhaps even looking somewhat knock-kneed? You might 'need' to look a bit more south, towards your feet! It's always wise to check with your podiatrist to rule out more serious conditions and those requiring orthotics or other external support, but a few simple exercises performed in bare feet can make all the difference in knee health. Try this simple routine:

1. Warm-up: While standing, lift all ten toes off the ground and lower them. Now lift all ten toes off the ground and spread them as far apart as possible. Finish with lifting one heel off the floor at a time, rolling from one side to the other. Repeat each move for 12 repetitions.

2. Heel Raises: Standing on both feet, raise your right heel and then set it down. Do the same with the left heel. Now holding onto a firm surface, such as a counter top or chair back, rise up onto both heels simultaneously. Do one set of each movement for 12 repetitions.

3. 'Domers': Standing with feet flat on the floor, lengthen toes along the floor as broadly as possible, then pull them inwards towards you while keeping them on the floor. Try to keep your toes straight rather than curling them under your foot. Return toes to starting position and repeat 12 times.

Strengthening these small-but-mighty muscles of the feet will help increase your foot and lower leg strength, enhance your awareness of foot mechanics and give your knees a big positioning boost! Good luck!

About Lisa:

Lisa Tonra, a twenty-year veteran of the fitness/wellness business, holds credentials from ACSM, NASM, and BASI Pilates and is currently a Physical Therapy graduate student. She specializes in injury 'pre-habilitation,' prevention and recovery for all sports-related and overuse conditions. Lisa can also design, implement, coach and monitor fitness routines for all recreational athletes, fitness enthusiasts and beginning exercisers. Her philosophy is a simple one: "There is a (sometimes hidden) fitness enthusiast in all of us! It’s good to set a short-term fitness, health or lifestyle goal to get yourself up and moving, but challenge yourself to take the longer view of 'training for life.' What are Your Body Goals? I can help you achieve and maintain them, and do it injury-free!" 

Visit Lisa's personal website here:

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