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Monday, June 3, 2013

Inverted Orthotic Technique: Preventing Cracking of the Positive Mold on Pressing

Here is the Anterior Platform being placed on the positive cast set at 25 Degrees Inverted. As the Platform begins to dry a wet tongue blade is placed into and will form a bridge across the platform/medial expansion.  A line is placed where the tongue blade will be eventually scored and cut off.  Tongue blades are also placed inside the plaster while making the positive cast. 

This image is the same as above but shows the tongue positioning better. The blade must be cut so that the shape of the medial expansion is normal. 

Here the tongue blades are allowed to soak in water before using. The soaking makes the tongue blades absorb water and be more consistent with the plaster they are trying to blend into. The harder and dry the tongue blade, the more it pulls moisture out of the adjacent plaster, making a potential area to splinter during the press. 

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