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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hallux Limitus: Successful Conservative Treatment Email

Dr. Blake,

I am only commenting on your blog because i want to simply say thank you. Why? Well, you seem to be one of the very few physicians willing to comment on hallux limitus and rigidus without a pre established agenda. No offense, but I went to see an orthopedic and two podiatrists each of which were selling me a surgery and had me under Anesthesia before the xrays lights went off. Neither suggested any of your conservative approaches before surgery was offered. I found that terribly odd. My pain was bad but i felt there should have been something else said/suggested. After reading your blog and your YouTube videos i learned more about limitus (which i realize i have) and ways to calm the joint down etc. As you said, "it should be treated as a sore joint. Nothing More."

I have full Motion in the joint with the small "bump" on the big toe but inflammation after running and power walking etc, Stiffness in early mornings etc. But Spica taping helps as well as whatever else i learn from your info. I think my initial battle was accepting that my body was actually getting older and that's the hardest thing for me. Truly. I'm 39. If/when my condition gets to an unmanageable/intolerable point I'll fly to SF from Chicago and give you a visit without hesitation. Meantime I'll continue following your blog and implementing the advice. Again, thanks.
Dr Blake's comment: 

     I am so happy to hear wonderful responses. Thank you very much. There are too many protocols and cook books, and by gradually applying the sports medicine principles of creating a pain free environment, protection (like with the spica taping), anti-inflammatory like 3 time daily icing, off weighting the sore area, etc, so many problems can be minimized. When there is pain, and our ability to participate in the activities we love, it is sometimes very hard to make a good decision and avoid surgery. You were so smart to get 3 opinions, and very unlucky that they didn't give you options for conservative treatment. I am so happy and proud my blog helped. I wish you the best. Rich

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