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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Integrated Solutions to CRPS Conference Notes Part IV

This is a continuation of my notes from the wonderful healing conference on CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome)
Muscle relaxants typically do not help

Made and Used in Japan
Helps with allodynia (where you touch the skin and it feels very painful to the patient)

Service dogs are a major help for these patients in chronic pain

When  performing Surgery on patients with CRPS
Gabapentin or Lyrica starting 2 weeks pre surgical and minimum of 8 weeks post surgical
Synera patch should be placed for 30 minutes over IV area (before the needle stick)
Minocyline after with the gaba or lyrica for 8 weeks
Hospital Chart must be marked to be very careful in handling the involved extremity

IV ketamine Infusions should be done with chest port, PICC line not good

Child  with CRPS you need to rule out behavioral disorders first
With RSD, they may have ED, mitochondrial disease, nerve entrapment

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