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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Miami Heat Beat the San Antonio Spurs: Now It is Time for Us to Exercise!

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Congratulations to the Miami Heat for winning the Basketball Finals in the NBA 2012-2013 Season!! This photo summarizes beautifully the end. I immediately think of Ray Allen's miraculous shot at the end of Game 6 that kept Miami from going home. But, since I have been watching a lot of basketball, I now need to get out there and exercise more. What excuse can I find today? 

What does this have to do with a podiatry blog you might ask? Plenty. Physical activity is one of the biggest secrets of life. My patients drive themselves to be more active. They continue to challenge themselves, to keep their hearts, lungs, muscles, bones all healthy. 

I mention that it is a secret of life since many of our children are not being taught this secret. Obesity is skyrocketing!! Diabetes is rampant!! And all of the other side effects of not taking exercise seriously. 

Below is a link to the President's Counsil on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition. Read about the 60 minutes daily of exercise our children need, and the 30 minutes for adults. Yes, 60 minutes!! 

When you are starting a new program, remember it takes 30 days to make a new habit. So, just start moving more, gradually increase, plan to make the whole 30-60 minutes in 3 months. You will feel so much better about yourself, and your health will dramatically improve. If you can not run, walk, if you can not walk, bike, if you can not join a gym, watch YouTube videos on exercise routines. Make no excuses! As a sports medicine specialist, I try to take a patient and give them an athletic mind set whether they are an athlete or not. But, pushing through pain is not being an athlete, it is being an idiot!! Exercise in your comfort zone, gradually push yourself to new heights, and only very gradually set some goals. Goals can be a big reason people get frustrated and stop working out. Be kind to your self. But, Be Active!!!

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