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Thursday, November 3, 2022

Foot Nerve Pain can come from the Back: And it is alittle confusing!

As a podiatrist, I deal with pain all the time. The 3 types of pain with sometimes different treatments are mechanical pain (produced by mechanics or treated by mechanical changes), inflammatory pain (caused by inflammation or treated with anti-inflammatory measures), and neuropathic pain (caused by nerve problems or treated with neuropathic treatments). The article below is very good explaining how a disc herniation or bulge can affect the nerves into the foot, and that there is some innervation cross over. This cross over means that the same problem can actually affect 2 nerves, not one as my video describes. It is because at each disc level there is an exiting nerve and transversing nerve. For example, at L4L5 disc, the disc between the vertebrae lumbar 4 and vertebrae lumbar 5 has L4 nerve root exiting and L5 nerve root transversing (and will exit at the L5S1 disc). And, just to make matters even more confusing, a disc herniation on one side can give you symptoms on the other side. When I am talking to patients about their right foot pain for example, I always ask if they have sciatica or low back pain, and other spinal cord symptoms. So many patients that have nerve pain in one foot, have all their back symptoms on the other side. I wish I could tell you the percentage, but it is not rare. I hope this video, and article, will give you a better idea of how this process works, but it is so important in the treatment.

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