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Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Let's Get Healthy at Any Age!! Wonderful Video to Start this Process

   This is a health blog which primarily deals with feet and ankles. But, since it is a health blog, all of the factors of what makes us healthy are discussed somewhat (like a recent blog post on the importance of sleeping). In the video above, the author discusses 7 tips to keeping healthy at any age. I love lists anyway, so this is right up my alley. Today is the start of my journey to get healthier. Now I am not unfit, but in the following couple years, I will share my attempts at getting healthier. This video is a start.

The summary of 7 Tips to being more healthy!
  1. Use It or Lose It
  2. Stop Dieting
  3. Do Things that Challenge you for balance and proprioception
  4. Increase Protein at each meal
  5. Do Mobility Work
  6. Be Strategic in meal times
  7. Stay Active on your Days Off

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