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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Arch Height In Custom Orthotic Devices

The "H" is the High Point for the Medial Arch in a Custom Device

     The power of custom orthotic devices are so minimized by our society, and sometimes even by Podiatrists. The foot is the foundation of our bodies. If you have foot pain, you know what that means exactly when you can not walk. When you have ankle, knee, hip and back pain that has been improved by orthotic devices, you understand the importance of this foundation. 
     I just attended the 10th Annual Richard O Schuster DPM Memorial Biomechanics Seminar. We talked biomechanics for 2 straight days. For me, it was Podiatry Heaven. Those like me felt the same. Many of the speakers come from different approaches to Biomechanics which is all the better. You want your ideas and concepts to grow. 

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