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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Canes: Proper Mechanics

I would love to just make  a comment about canes. They are used improperly from time to time and I hope this will help. Here my patient Albert is using his cane for a sore right hip. Albert is using it correctly in the hand of his strong side as the video below will note. Since Albert is right handed however, he has to fight the natural tendency to put the cane in his stronger right hand. It feels much better in the right hand of right handed patients, and left hand of left handed patients, no matter what side is injured. So when you see a friend or loved one with a cane, make sure it is in the proper hand for the injury they have.

Here Albert is demonstrating the cane in the wrong hand for a right hip problem. But he feels more confident with the cane on the right side, although wrong side. Since Albert was wearing a Giants hat, and they beat Phili tonight in the playoffs, how can I get mad at him. From the video below, you will learn that this cane is just alittle short also.

Congratulations Giants!! 6 to 5 winners tonight over Philadelphia in the 4th Game of the national league championship series. We are rooting for you!!

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