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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Men's Dress Shoes: Recommended List

Hi Dr. Blake,
I came in earlier this summer and you prescribed me some more aggressive orthotics to deal with a knee issue stemming from cycling and a subtalar coalition. They have worked great, but if I am wearing non-supportive dress shoes I can get some real foot pain (same with the old orthotics, of course..that foot needs all the support it can get). I have a new job downtown so I will be walking about 1/2 a mile to work every day. Do you have any recommendations of dress shoe brands that are supportive for flat feet with subtalar issues like mine ?
I figured if anyone would know, it would be you.
Thank you, I definitely appreciate it!

David, There has been a real explosion of good stable men's dress shoes which work with orthotic devices. See if has some of these. The list is only partial, but I hope a good starting place. There are some Cole Haan and Wrights Shoes that I would also put on, but seem too expensive to me. These shoes are in no particular order.
  • Allen Edmonds' Ashton or Santa Monica
  • Auri's Diablo
  • Clarks' Cirino
  • Dockers' Gordon, Bastille, or Manhattan
  • Dunham's Burlington
  • Ecco's Windsor Tie
  • Johnston & Murphy's Ashmont or Pattison
  • Neil M's Jefferson or others in the Medallion, Prestige, or Signature Collections
  • Rockport's Margin
Check out the video below on the sophisicated approach of top shoe manufacturers to fitting of orthotic devices. I only mean this for alittle fun!!


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