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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Great Foot Story: The Practice Of Excessive Happiness

I have a great partner Dr Jane Denton whose patient this story belongs. Did you all see the movie entitled "Patch Adams", starring Robin Williams. For all those in the medical profession, it was very inspiring, and we all practiced medicine alitttle gentler and kinder after seeing it.

Here is my partner Dr Denton, watching her patients walk down the hall, analyzing how each shoe functions, although perhaps not too many clown shoes.

    One day, a patient presents with severe pain in both of her feet. When asked how the pain developed, had she done anything different in her activities, the patient responded by saying she had just come back from vacation where she had worn very large clown shoes for about a month. The clown shoes were very big, and she was able to wear her normal shoes inside them, yet her feet moved around within the clown shoes, as she toured China.

    You see, this patient had also seen Patch Adams with Robin Williams, and discovered it was based on a real life person. The real Patch Adams continued to live life differently then some of us. So she looked him up, and found out he was leading a tour of 40 clowns through China visiting hospitals and orphanages. The trip was life changing, and the 2 months of foot pain was worth it without hesitation. See the link below, perhaps your life may be changed forever. Thank you Patch Adams!!

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