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Monday, October 18, 2010

Toe Nail Fungus: Carmol 40 Urea Occlusion Treatment

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When toenails are very thick from fungus (called onychomycosis), or from trauma, or both, Carmol 40 Urea Occlusion Treatment can be a quick and easy way to take off the unwanted diseased nail without shots, or bleeding. Here athletic tape is cut into small pieces and applied around the nail to protect the surrounding skin. Only the nail should be exposed in the hole created. Benzoin, a skin adherent, is used on the surrounding skin before the tape is applied to further the chances that the tape will stay on for the entire treatment of 1 week.

The patient is given an RX for 3 grams of Carmol 40 Urea Ointment to bring to the appointment. Here the medication is being applied to the nail in one big glop!!

Once the medication is applied, more tape is applied over the medication in an attempt to keep it secure, and then the thumb or fingers of a glove (unsterile) is placed over the the entire toe. This creates a warm sweaty environment for the medication to penetrate the nail.

Here I am treating 3 toes on one foot and athletic tape is used to further secure the glove finger in place. Patients are especially advised to careful when removing their socks.
Is there a Funny Toe Photo Award on the Internet??

When the patients come in for their 1 week appointment, the bandages are removed, the toe nail clippers are used to remove all or most of the old diseased nail. The treatment does not remove good nail which is firmer in its attachment to the nail bed. This then starts a year of nail treatments outlined in the two posts below to get good and healthy nails if possible. Again, if the root cells are damaged, the nail will never be perfect, but they always look better.


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    2. Here athletic tape is cut into small pieces and applied around the nail to protect the surrounding skin. Only the nail should be exposed in the hole created.Dermal Therapy Fungistop

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