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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Two Different Sized Feet: Where To Go

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Here is another short video from my recent trip to Hawaii to relax you.

When you have two different sized feet, you have a major challenge being stable and comfortable. For men and women, 1 shoe size difference is 0.3 inches (7.6mm) in length, but even more problematic when dealing with the 3 dimensions of length, width, and height. There are so many variations in volume for each shoe size that one investigator suggested shoe companies would need to have 37 different shoes for each size to properly fit people. So we pad shoes, we wait for technology to come up with in-store 3D scanning, and we pray. Nordstroms, which started as a Seattle Shoe Store has been the savior of many of my patients over the years for selling different sizes at no extra cost for the right and left feet. But, they start at a 1 and 1/2 shoe size difference. Even 1/2 size difference can wreak major difficulties in shoe fit and overal foot and leg stability. Patients are forced to buy two different shoes sizes, and then donate the other pair of mismatched shoes. I definitely have loved for at least making this process easier for many patients with their 365 day return policy and free shipping both ways.

Today I want to introduce to some of you 5 other websites which help in this area.

I have the least experience with the one crew shoe, but it is worth a look see. Soles4souls should motivate some donations (I'm checking my closests right after I finish typing). OneShoeTwoShoe allows to buy one shoe at a time. The National Odd Shoe Exchange links you up people with the opposite shoe size problem. I hope this list opens your eyes to some of the possibilities out there for this very difficult problem for many patients.


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  1. Thanks so much for promoting us as a way people can donate their shoes & change the world one pair at a time!

    Jeremy, S4S staff


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