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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Achilles Spurs: What should we do?

The image above shows clearly a painful achilles spur. Surgeons like to remove them, but it can be a long recovery. It is not a common surgery, so if it is being recommended, be a little cautious. Try wearing Achilles Gel Pads from Silpsos to see if it is more shoe irritation. Try to do the Plantar Fascial Wall Stretch 3 times daily to breakup scar tissue. Go to physical therapy to strengthen, stretch, and de-inflame. And, if necessary, wear a Removable Boot (cam walker) for 3 months to rest the area. 


  1. One question: an inversion moment applied by a foot orthotics could be of any help?

    1. Definitely Daniel, even a 2mm Kirby Skive can be helpful. Of course, only in cases where the patient does not run or walk with contact phase supination. Then that inversion moment would be dangerous. Rich


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