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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Ideal Running Form

Ideal Running Form: Slight Forward Lean of Trunk, Powerful Swing of the Arms, Foot not too far in front of body, and very little bounce up and down of the head
If you never have walked a Labyrinth you should. It is a mirror of our spiritual journeys. At times, we are so close to our Center, only to feel miles away minutes later. The correlaries to our own paths are worth reflecting on.


  1. I've never really gotten into running, but maybe that's because I didn't have the right form. I usually tried to take big strides so that I could cover a longer distance, but that seemed to just wear me out more. Is this sort of form the best for your feet and legs? I'm also worried that I'm slamming my feet down too hard and that will eventually affect how I walk and run after that.

    1. When you take long strides, you slam your feet too much, and 17 injuries are related to over striding. It is best to concentrate on shorter strides, with a rate around 85 rpm. Rich


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