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Friday, July 24, 2015

Bunion and General Foot Strengthening Exercise

This exercise I teach for bunions, but it can be a next level exercise after conquering 30 reps of  the more simple metatarsal doming for foot strengthening. Remember to do these in the evening, and never through pain. 


  1. what is the benefit of these exercises, doctor? Is there good physical therapy exercises for hallux limitus condition - to sustain the range of motion and current joint condition for the longest possible time w/out it deteriorating? I'm only 32 and would like to maintain an active lifestyle if at all possible without making the condition worse.

    1. These exercises are to strengthen the Abductor Hallucis Brevis that can put a straightening force on the big toe joint. See my video on Self Mobilization of the Big Toe Joint for Hallux Limitus. Definitely consider dancer's pads and orthotics to off weight the joint when maximally stressed like running. Rich


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