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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Anterior (Front) Ankle Pain: Lateral X-Rays can be Revealing

This is a lateral foot x-ray. The patient has front of the ankle pain. You can see a bone spur, is that the cause.

The bone spur is probably just a reflexion of considerable compression force in the front of the ankle. This ankle joint flexes to a point where bone hits bone. The soft tissue can get in the way. Removing the spur surgically will probably not help at all. The soft tissue is getting pinching as the tibia goes too far forward. Treatment is avoiding these positions in activities, like deep squats, heel lifts, calf strengthening, and anterior icing/anti-inflammatory.

Sun Flower field near Gilroy California

1 comment:

  1. Treatment is to avoid these activities?! So treatment is to not treat it at all.. just dont ever squat?
    Thats not much of a treatment.


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